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About Me


After earning my B.S. in Biochemistry, from U.C.D. I continued to participate in primary research where I have contributed to publishing a few articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  I thoroughly enjoyed research, but I discovered an interest in educating others. Therefore, I earned my teaching credential and began teaching in 1998.  I have credentials in life science, chemistry, and introductory mathematics.  I have not only taught, but I have contributed to my school site serving on Site Council (3-terms), Science Olympiad Coach, and Department Chair of Science.  I currently teach a rigorous curriculum of Honors Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry.

I am passionate about educating the youth and inspiring them to potentially pursue scientific careers. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, gardening, bicycling, and sharing life with my supportive and loving wife.

Published Papers

Role of the SH3-Ligand Domain of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Nef in Interaction with Nef-associated Kinase (NAK) and Simian AIDS in Rhesus Macaques. Khan, I.H., Sawai, E.T., Antonio, E., Weber, C.J., Mandell, C., Montbriand, P.M., Luciw, P.A.  (1998) J. Of Virology Vol. 72, No. 7: 5820-5830

Activation of PAK by HIV and SIV Nef: Importance of AIDS in rhesus macaques. Sawai, E.T., Khan, I.H., Montbriand, P.M., Peterlin, B.M., Cheng-Meyer, C., and Luciw, P.A.  (1996) Current Biology Vol. 6 No. 11: 1519-1527

Improved Method for the Removal of Endotoxin from DNA. Montbriand, P.M. and Malone, R.W.  (1995) J. Of Biotechnology 44: 43-46

Circular Library



California State University, Sacramento

M.A. Education Curriculum and Instruction


University California, Davis

B.S. Biochemistry


California State University, Sacramento

Professional Clear Teaching Credential and C.L.A.D.


American River College

A.S. Science

hats stacked

Why Crazy Hats?

I get this question frequently.  I started teaching chemistry over 20 years ago and I wanted this difficult subject to be not only rigorous, but fun.  Therefore, I started with "Crazy Hair Fridays" where I would color my hair - blue was the first color.  Well, the loss of hair made me move to another media, that is "Crazy Hat" Fridays, where I wear a different hat every Friday of the school year.  It has turned into a machine that is unstoppable.

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